In this passage, what is the first indication that the story takes place in the future

the parents hearing a roar of lions

the parents denying their children the use of the rocket

the parents complaining about their children

the description of a room that can cure neuroses

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  1. what passage?

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  2. The veldt by ray Bradbury

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  3. "I don't know anything," he said, "except that I'm beginning to be
    sorry we bought that room for the children. If children are neurotic at all,
    a room like that -"
    "It's supposed to help them work off their neuroses in a healthful
    "I'm starting to wonder." He stared at the ceiling.
    "We've given the children everything they ever wanted. Is this our
    reward—secrecy, disobedience?"
    "Who was it said, 'Children are carpets, they should be stepped on
    occasionally'? We've never lifted a hand. They're insufferable—let's admit
    it. They come and go when they like; they treat us as if we were offspring.
    They're spoiled and we're spoiled."
    "They've been acting funny ever since you forbade them to take the
    rocket to New York a few months ago."
    "They're not old enough to do that alone, I explained."
    "Nevertheless, I've noticed they've been decidedly cool toward us
    "I think I'll have David McClean come tomorrow morning to have a look
    at Africa."
    "But it's not Africa now, it's Green Mansions country and Rima."
    "I have a feeling it'll be Africa again before then."
    A moment later they heard the screams.
    Two screams. Two people screaming from downstairs. And then a roar of
    "Wendy and Peter aren't in their rooms," said his wife.
    He lay in his bed with his beating heart. "No," he said. "They've
    broken into the nursery."
    "Those screams—they sound familiar."
    "Do they?"
    "Yes, awfully."

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  4. You have not indicated an answer, Lynne. Based on the passage, what do you think is an indication that it takes place in the future?

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  5. the use of the rocket?

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