can someone give me an Example of a nonverbal communication with a relaxed situation or a tense situation. to

help me understand the difference.
to me non verbal is like gesture and eye contact, body language.

In a tense situation, the agressor tends to look directly into the eyes of the presumed opponent. The opponent tries to meet the stare, but finds him/herself looking away from time to time to break the tension.

A common defense body posture in a tense situation is to cross one's arms in front of his/her body. In a tense situation a person tends to lean forward on his chair, with a fairly rigid body.

In a relaxed situation, a person leans back in his/her chair and may cross his/her legs -- but not the arms.

In a relaxed situation, it's easier to make eye contact.

thanks i believe i understand
with non verbal communication in a tense situation you are more pressured and tense that the stareing is more your words than in a tense verbal communication like yelling am i correct so the communication goes on even without words.

Verbal communication involves words. However, yelling may or may not involve words, so it can be merely nonverbal or combine the two forms of communication. Your voice intonations (paralanguage) are another noverbal cue.

A person with lower social status tends to be more tense in most situations than a person with higher status — having more influence and control. Here are some sites that may be helpful:

This may be more than you wanted to know, but I hope it helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

Verbal Communication,Relaxed Situation:
Family Members & Friends

compare and contrast charateristics of verbal and nonverbal communications.
(3 ea.)

using relaxed situation: Family Members & Friends.


tense situation: supervisors &

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