LA, Check!

Read the statements Which group is contrasting in point of view?

A. "Some people feel that there is lots of wild space that animals should only live there. Other people feel that there is very little wild space left."
B. "Humans are destroying the Earth's habitats at a very fast pace... Zoos and wildlife parks are places where we can protect species that are in danger, so they don't disappear completely."
C. "There is another thing that zoos accomplish, which could be one of the most important. Zoos give people the opportunity to see the animals in person."
D. "It is said that people only love what they understand, and they only protect what they love. Zoos may be the last stand for wild species..."

I'm sort of stuck, but I feel as though that it's B.

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asked by Lauren
  1. I disagree.

  2. Is it A?

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    posted by Lauren
  3. Hello? Ms. Sue? Are you going to not answer me? Just, please? Someone help me, it will make a world of difference for me!

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    posted by Lauren
  4. Yes, A.

  5. Okay, thank you!

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    posted by Lauren
  6. You're welcome.

    After this, please be more patient about getting a response.

  7. Hi Lauren,

    You are welcome to get answer checked from me if you like.
    Answers for this assessment:
    1. B
    2. C
    3. A
    4. D
    100% correct!

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    posted by CamDiva
  8. thnx camdiva ur right

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