100ml of h2s04 solution having molarity 1M and density 1.5g/ml is mixed with 400ml of water. Calculate final molarity of h2s04 solution if final density 1.25g/ml.
Ans is 0.227M
Who help me thanks a lot

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  1. I never worked a problem like this before.
    mass 100 mL of 1M H2SO4 = 1.5 g/mL x 100 mL = 150 grams.
    mass H2SO4 in that 100 mL is 98 g/mol x 100/1000 = 9.8 g H2SO4
    g H2O in that 100 solution is 150g - 9.8 g H2SO4 = 140.2

    g H2O in the final solution is 400 + 140.2 = 540.2 and final mass of that solution is 540.2 + 9.8 g H2SO4 = 550 grams.
    Then 1.25 g/mL x #mL = 550 g
    # mL solution is 440 mL.
    Then mL1 x M1 = mL2 x M2
    100 x 1 = 440 x M2
    Solve for M2 = 0.227

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  2. 0.227m

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