Please help Im am Grade 5 and my teacher is letting me do this.

1. Solve the solution by using elimination and substitution

3/x - 2/y = 14
6/x + 3/y = 7

2. Solve by eliminating x (this is solving 3 linear equations) then substitute to the other two equation

x + y + 5z =2 (1)
4x - 3y + 5z =3 (2)
3x - 2y + 5z=1 (3)

the solution set for this should be {(7,5-2)}

Please I really need your help
teach me how do this

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asked by Clyde
  1. #1 you can solve for 1/x and 1/y in the usual ways:

    elimination: double the 1st and subtract
    6/x - 4/y = 28
    6/x + 3/y = 7
    7/y = -21
    1/y = -3
    then, 1/x = 8/3
    or, y = -1/3 and x = 3/8

    using substitution,
    3/x = 14+2/y
    2(14+2/y) + 3/y = 7
    28 + 4/y + 3/y = 7
    7/y = -21
    1/y = -3
    as above

    For elimination, you can enter your coefficients at

    and see all the details.

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    posted by Steve

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