Suppose you observe your friend (mass 66.6 kg) stand at the very edge of a motionless merry-go-round (modelled as a thin disk with moment of inertia 5.7 kg m 2). At some point, your friend walks around and along the edge at a speed 1.4 m/s perfectly tangent to the edge at all times, relative to the merry-go-round’s surface. Take the radius of the merry-go-round to be 1.3 m.
Calculate the speed (in m/s) of your friend relative to the stationary ground.

Calculate the speed (in m/s) of your friend relative to the stationary ground if the merry-go-round becomes massless.
Calculate the speed (in m/s) of your friend relative to the stationary ground if the merry-go-round becomes arbitrarily (infinitely) massive.

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