When you encounter a part of a lesson or math problem that makes you feel stuck or confused, what do you do? How do you help yourself get unstuck and back on track?

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asked by Monica
  1. Good question. What do YOU do?

  2. I just skip over it and ask for help but I don't want to put that because I don't know what she will think of that can you give me an example and I can explain it?

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    posted by Monica
  3. Here is my answer that I have submitted:

    When I encounter a part of a lesson or math problem that makes me feel stuck or confused I just skip it and come back. I only have a limited time to complete everything so when I see a problem I can't figure out I skip it and come back to it. When I come back to it and its on a test I try my best and go with my gut. If its on homework where I can ask for help. I ask for someone to come over and help me walk threw it. I help myself get unstuck and back on track by always trying my best and never giving up.

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    posted by Monica
  4. thats really good!

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  5. Sparkles should NOT be asking others for personal information. That's just not safe to do online.

    I think the content of your answer is fine, although I'd double-check everything for spelling and punctuation.
    ~ A period at the end of EVERY sentence.
    ~ Not mixing up words such as "threw" and "through"

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  6. why did you delete my post?

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  7. Writeacher explained why she deleted your post.

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