English rammar, Please correct my sentenced gramma

April 20,2016
Genecito Jimenez
Lot 32 Blk 96 Bautista st. Zone 10 Dasmarinas City Cavite.
tel: 046-4725645

Dear Sir,

Mrs. Maria Teresa P. Eleon is permanently staying in my apartment with her family and she is a good person in our community.
Please kindly allow her to open a new Bank account in your bank.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

thank you.

Genecito Jimenez

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asked by jess
  1. "bank" should not be capitalized.

    Your "School Subject" exhibits very poor grammar. "Sentence" is a noun and cannot have a past tense ("sentenced") in this context, unless you are discussing a criminal who has been sentenced to some punishment. Proofread for typographical errors, too. I think you mean grammar, not rammar.

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    posted by Reed
  2. If you proofread and re-post your letter, please omit any personal contact information (address, phone number, etc.).

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