The perimeter of the rectangle is 120 units what is its area in square units
W= n

What formula do I use?

A) 675
B) 900
C) 1225
D) 2700

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asked by pizza
  1. Perimeter is the sum of all sides. For a rectangle, P = 120 = 2L + 2W.

    You are given that
    L = 3n
    W = n,
    so you can now do a substitution into the perimeter equation:
    120 = 2(3n) + 2(n).

    Simplifying this, we get 120 = 8n, so n = 15.

    Revisiting our length and width equations,
    L = 3(15) = 45
    W = 15

    Area is length * width, which is A) 675 units.

    (BTW, love the username.)

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    posted by Alex

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