Romeo and Juliet

Read Capulet's speech from Act IV, Scene 2, as he plans for the wedding:

Tush, I will stir about,
And all things shall be well, I warrant thee, wife.
Go thou to Juliet, help to deck up her.
I’ll not to bed tonight. Let me alone.
I’ll play the housewife for this once.
—What, ho?
They are all forth?—Well, I will walk myself
To County Paris, to prepare him up
Against tomorrow. My heart is wondrous light
Since this same wayward girl is so reclaimed.

How does this example of dramatic irony create tension?

a. Readers know that Juliet will obey her father's wishes.
b. Readers know that Juliet has no plans to marry Paris***
c. Readers know that Capulet looks forward to his daughter's marriage to Paris.***
d. Readers know that Capulet plans to continue the Capulet-Montague feud.

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  1. Right.

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  2. Which one is right? She marked B and D..

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  3. I mean B and C

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  4. What is the answer Julie

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  5. Its B I believe. C doesn't show dramatic irony

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  6. I it says he wants her to marry the dude but she does not want to marry the dude how ironic is that her dad really wants her to but she doesn't so I'm pretty sure that's irony

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  7. im so behind in school right now whats the answer

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