A thin rectangular plate of uniform areal density σ = 2.79 kg/m2 has length of 37.0 cm and width of 23.0 cm. The lower left hand corner is located at the origin, (x,y)= (0,0) and the length is along the x-axis.

(a)There is a circular hole of radius 8.00 cm with center at (x,y) = (12.50,9.50) cm in the plate.

(b)Calculate the mass of plate.

For part (a) I got 1.81*10^-1 kg

Now for part b I cant quite solve it.

Calculate the distance of the plate's CM from the origin.

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  1. mass = 2.79(.23*.37-pi(.08)^2)
    = 2.79(.0851-.0201) = 2.79 * .065
    = .181 kg agree

    moment in x (forget the 2.79 density)
    .065 x = .0851*.37/2 - .0201*.125
    .065 x = .0157 - .0025 = .0125
    x = .192 meter = 19.2 cm
    now do y of cm the same way

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  2. what is the .065??? same for y .065???

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  3. .065 is the area of the plater with the hole removed

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