I'm stuck on this part of a question I have. Any help would be appreciated.

What is anomie and its connection to norms? Discuss what types of events would create anomie on a national or worldwide scale.

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  1. Lots to think about here:

    A few Middle Eastern Muslims resent the ubiquitousness of Western religion and secularism. In turn, we are appalled at the violence this resentment promotes.

  2. Ms. Sue's example is a good one. I'll offer another: Many states (Mississippi, North Carolina, Indiana, Arizona, Arkansas, among others) have passed laws making it legal to discriminate against LGBT persons because of moral disapproval. Reaction has been to boycott those states, refusing to hold conventions in them, etc., to put economic pressure on them to remove such things from their laws. Such laws, making it legal to discriminate against any member of any group cause angry backlash from members of those groups and people more tolerant of differences among people.

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    posted by Reed

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