1. Abraham Lincoln cause four states to join the confederacy by _____
A. Declaring War
B. Firing on Fort Sumter
C. Emancipating the enslaved people
D. Calling for troops***

2. What Confederate capital was only about 100 miles from Washington D.C.?
A. Richmond, Virginia***
B. Lexington, Kentucky
C. Atlanta, Georgia
D. Baltimore, Maryland

3. Who was the Confederate president?
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Dred Scott
C. Jefferson Davis
D. Robert E. Lee ***

4. What was one of the main advantages of the South?
A. A small population of free men
B. The strong support of its white population***
C. It’s belief in states’ rights
D. Its industrial base

5. Most soldiers, both Confederate and Union came from
A. Farms***
B. The East Coast
C. Slums
D. Cities

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asked by Dylan
  1. 1. D - yes
    2. A - yes
    3. D - no
    4. B - no
    5. A - yes

  2. The Two Sides quick check answers

    1. D
    2. A
    3. C
    4. B
    5. A

    I got a 100%. I swear this is not a scam!:)

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  3. thanks Ariana grande 100%

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  4. 1(D)
    Hope this helps you ^_^ ^0^ ^~^

    I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!! ^~^

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