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A truck gets stuck under a bridge. Several tow-trucks are unable to pull it ou. At last a little boy walks up and asks the red-faced adults trying to free the truck why they haven't let the air out of the truck's tires. The adults were probably experiencing a(n) ________ barrier to problem solving.
a. cultural
b. learned
c. perceptual
d. emotional

My problem is that I have already attempted to answer the questions and got them wrong already. For extra credit we can go and fix the wrong ones. Since I already got them wrong, I don't know what the correct answers are and that is what I need help with.

I had thought the answer was emotional, but my teacher says that it is wrong. So maybe perceptual bc the adults were unable to see what the little boy easily saw.


Although it does involve previous learning, the learning leads to a way of perceiving the problem, in this case, essentially a mental set.

Perception involves sensation plus the interpretation of that sensation.

A mental set is a perception/interpretation of a situation that interferes with solving a problem or doing a task. Their attention is focused at the top of the truck, where the problem seems to be occurring. In contrast, the boy's solution is at the bottom of the truck.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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asked by Lance
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