Thesis help

Music lovers should look into pop, rock and r&b for a certain type of music.

How does this look for a thesis statement?
Ugh, I can't get it to sound right.
How does this look: Music is a big part of the world today lets look into r&b, pop and rock to see why music is such a big part of todays society.

Oh, I kinda like it.
How would it be for a essay theis?
Rock being my strongest point and r&b being my weakest?

Ohhh, wait would it be better to just choose one of the subjects such as rock?

Music is a big part of society today, rock is the biggest lets look into the different types of rock such as punk, soft and heavy to see what makes it so popular.

Would it be better to use a smaller variety? And narrow down the possibilities?

Since the latest news is saying that rap is dying. That might be an interesting topic... The death of Rap.

"The world" sounds too vague for me. What do you mean it's a big part of "the world?"

A different approach to GuruBlue's idea might be to find something specific it influenced.

"Music continues to influence political movements worldwide."

"Music helps people learn ideas and concepts more clearly."

"Music has played a huge role in revitalizing Zimbabway's economy" (Who knows if it has!?!?! Just an example)

Find some specific aspect of how music has been a part of society. Then it will be easier to show it with all three types.


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