8.)Andrew Jackson was a supporter of which of the following?

A.)Abolition of slavery
B.)Limited federal government***
C.)Implied powers of the Supreme Court
D.)Preservation of Native American land


9.)Which answer best describes an important outcome of the Gibbons v. Ogden court case?

A.)The case set definition for navigation & placed state control over all coastal & river trade

B.)The case set definitions for navigation & placed federal control over all coastal & river river trade

C.)The case the precedent for congress to override a federal law when it when it conflicts with a state law***

D.)The case set the precedent for congress to override a state law when its conflicts with a federal law


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  1. Great! Both answers are correct.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. NO. The second question is not correct.


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  3. is #9 A?

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  4. NO. Not A, either. Read the posted reference I gave you.

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  5. Is it D for #9?

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  6. 9 is D.

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  7. Wait so can I get some clarification here? What is the answer for 9? D? I have seen reason for B C or D on 3 different websites.

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  8. wow the heck Reed making poster probably feel bad abt getting the question wrong w/ your pushy "NO"'s

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