Social studies

9.advances in science from the scientific revolution were applied to human affairs during the
A.industrial revolution
B.french revolution
C.enlightment (MY ANSWER)
D.age of exploration

10.which event led most directly to a decline in the political power of ancient greek city-states in the mediterranean sea?

A.fighting between city-states led to the peloponnesian war. (MY ANSWER)

B.alexander the greek committed the macedonian army to a costly war campaign in the middle east.
C.the ancient greek city-states
could not unite and overcome the threat presented by the persian empire.

D.the ancient roman army conquered carthage.

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asked by LOVE
  1. I agree with your answers.

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    posted by Reed
  2. Yay thank u

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    posted by LOVE
  3. As always, you are welcome.

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    posted by Reed

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