english help please!!

When Marilyn Cross is trapped, what kind of conflict does the pilot create for her?

Man vs. Man
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Self
Man vs. Nature

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  1. Oscar, who is Marilyn Cross? What have you been assigned to read? Tell us the title and author, please, or we can't even attempt to help you. If you have read it, you should at least have a guess as to the answer here.

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  2. google is your friend. I searched for

    marilyn cross pilot

    and got a bunch of hits on The Cold Equations, and discussions of the story and characters.

    I'd think you'd try google first before running here and expecting someone else to do your work for you. I know, I know, then you'd have to do some thinking on your own, but hey -- it's a thankless job, but someone's gotta do it...

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  3. man vs nature

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