There are 7 classes for first year students. Each class is composed of about 30 students. Emily is a student of Class 1-2. One of his classmates who went to the same elementary school asks: Which class are you in? What is the answer to the question?

1. I'm in Class 1-2.
2. I am a student of Class 1-2.
3. I'm a student in Class 1-2.
4. I'm in math class now.

asked by rfvv
  1. 1, 3, and 4 are correctly stated. We do not say we are a student OF a class. We say we are a student IN a class. We may be a student of the teacher (among others), but not OF the class.

    posted by Mr. Reed
  2. Thank you for your help.
    Does #4 mean "I'm learning math now from a math teacher?"
    Or Does #4 mean " I am in a classroom where the math class is done?"

    posted by rfvv
  3. I can be in a classroom between classes, after class, before class or in the middle of the night. That does not mean I am IN CLASS at the moment. Class may or may not be in session. #4 means the class is in session and I am in it.

    posted by Mr. Reed
  4. Hindi Mening

    posted by A Girl With The Waskit

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