science help pls pls

Look at the position of Location 1, Location 2, and Location 3 in this picture.

Simple diagram of a lake represented by a wavy circle. The circle is labeled 'Lake,' and there are three points outside of the lake: 'Location 1' is to the northeast of the lake, 'Location 2' is to the east of the lake, and 'Location 3' is to the southwest of the lake.

Which of these statements is most likely correct about the climate of the three locations?

Location 3 is cooler than Location 1 and Location 2.
Location 1 is cooler than Location 2 and Location 3.
Location 2 is cooler than Location 3 and Location 1.
Location 1, Location 2, and Location 3 are equally cool.

pls help me

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  1. If it's a small lake, then all points nearby should have the same climate. If there are prevailing winds, then the spots downwind will be slightly cooler.

    Other than that, I have no advice to give.

    If it's a huge lake, I'd guess points at lower latitudes would be slightly warmer (closer to the equator).

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