S.S 8 grade

Why do you think King George III refused to consider the colonist' Declaration of Rights?

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  1. he already theought the colonists had the good life because they were less taxed than the citizens of britain. He ignored them also because he did not believe that it was possible to have representation and he thought that america had no chance in defeating the british army

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    posted by Alissa
  2. That's a nice answer Alissa, but rather idealistic.

    King George was KING! Everyone knew that king's ruled -- and the people shouldn't have much power. In addition, the Colonies provided money for his treasury -- and who wants to give up a cash cow?

  3. i for get some definions on centrey and i want to know

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    posted by Joe
  4. George III refused to consider the colonists’ Declaration of Rights because he thought the Declaration of Rights was going against the British king and also he didn’t want people to have much power.

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