Two teams are pulling on a rope. Team 1 pulls with a force of 124 newtons, while team 2 pulls with a force of 110 Newton in the opposite direction which of the following correctly describes the motion that will result
A. Team 1 will move, team 2 will not
B. Team 2 will move, team 1 will not
C. Team 1 will move in the direction of team 2
D. Team 2 will move in the direction of team 1

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  1. C'mon Tonya. Look at the numbers. Draw the picture.

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  2. It is answer choice D.) since Team 1 is pulling to their side so they will start moving team 2 to closer to their side.

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  3. Ggfbjbfhuhaksjscdusvjdggjdufskxbd

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