1. Which climate is warm, wet, and located on the edges of the tropics?

A. temperate marine
B. highlands
C. temperate continental
D. polar

2. Which statement best explains why tropical climates are so hot?

A. They receive little rain
B. They receive more direct sunlight than other regions
C. They lack vegetation
D. There are more hours of sunlight in tropical areas than other regions

3. Which two major factors are typically used to classify climates?

A. precipitation and altitude
B. temperature and air pressure
C. temperature and precipitation
D. air pressure and humidity

4. Which of the following is an adaptation of an animal that lives in an area with a polar climate?

A. thin, long legs
B. thick, insulating fur
C. colorful feathers
D. moist, slimy body

My answers:

Am I right?

asked by Kpop is real
  1. Yes. All are right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Can someone please answer me?

    posted by Kpop is real
  3. Oh sorry I didn't see your answer. Thanks, though

    posted by Kpop is real
  4. Ah I got 100%!!!

    posted by Kpop is real
  5. I got 100% the correct answers are

    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. B


    posted by Caroline
  6. I got 100%!!!

    posted by PolarbearsRock
  7. ty I got 100%

    posted by farmer
  8. 100%

    posted by Violet
  9. Yes this is right I got an 100!!!!!

    posted by Julie
  10. A

    posted by Anonymous
  11. A

    posted by DUH BAKA
  12. Yes they all right

    posted by Jessica
  13. thnx

    posted by Larry
  14. Thank You!

    posted by thx
  15. A
    Is correct, I got 4/4 (%100)!

    posted by Anonymous
  16. 1.A

    posted by lun
  17. Thx so much 100%

    posted by QWERTYUIOP{}|ASDFGHJKL:"ZXCVBNM<>?1234567890-=
  18. Thx I got 100

    posted by 100%
  19. a

    posted by PearsonConnexus
  20. Yes, ABCB is correct.

    posted by Don't ask
  21. Ty! I got 100% so thxxxx!!! <3

    posted by Panda Babe
  22. @Ms. Sue you are very helpful on this website! Thank you for offering to check and review answers rather than just giving them.

    posted by Maya

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