please help me figure out how to do thes problems

4. y/2+5=-12

6. x/3-9=0

7. 14+h/5=2

THIS IS IMPROTANT Y/2, X/3 AND H/5 ARE FRACTIONS. it doesnt mean divide its fractions that's why i need help plse tell me how you did it so i can figure out the rest of my problmes

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asked by Amy
  1. Well, actually fractions and divide are pretty similar.
    now for example
    (y/2) + 5 = -12
    add -5 to both sides
    (y/2) +0 = -17
    multiply both sides by 2
    y = -34

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    posted by Damon
  2. thx you so much i was so confused

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    posted by Amy
  3. 4. y/2 + 5 = -12 (use the inverse operation to get rid of the 5)
    y/2+5(-5)= -12 (-5)
    y/2=-17 (isolate the variable, aka, multiply both sides by 2, to get your answer of...)
    y= -34

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    posted by Bridget

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