general question

What are 3 pros and 3 cons for technology in children's classrooms?

I really cant think of any other than that there aren't much computers in the classrooms(maybe like 1 or 2)

asked by Trish
  1. This question is too general to be answered intelligently.

    What age are the children?
    What kind of technology?
    How much is this technology used in the classroom?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. The question is general, like in general what are the pros and cons of it, specifically speaking, kindergarten classroom and any type of technology for example, laptops, ipads, smartboards etc.

    posted by Trish
  3. Pros
    Everyone needs to be computer literate.
    Computers can help children learn math and other subjects.
    Fine motor skills are further developed.

    The computers would take away time from teacher-student interactions.
    Technology is expensive; the money could be better spent on professional teachers and aides who give individual attention.
    Children need to be actively involved in their learning, not passive recipients of canned computer programs.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Pros:

    - Needed skill for job in future
    - There are many websites designed for learning other subjects, like IXL, that are accessible through a computer
    - Typing is a very useful skill


    - Can easily cause a distraction
    - Generally not as individualized
    - Can lessen public-speaking and human interaction skills as these are not used when using a computer.

    These are general answers for a general question, so depending on other factors this may vary.

    posted by Mr. Johnson

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