In a collection of coins worth $9.13, there are twice as many dimes as quarters, four more nickels than dimes, and twice as many pennies as nickels. How many of each kind of each coin are in the collection?

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  1. 15 quarters, 30 dimes, 34 nickels, 68 pennies

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  2. X Qtrs., 2x Dimes, 2x+4 Nickels, 2(2x+4) Pennies.

    25x + 10*2x + 5(2x+4) + 2(2x+4) = 913 Cents, 25x + 20x + 10x+20 + 4x+8 = 913, 59x = 913-28 = 885, X = 15 Qtrs., 30 Dimes, 34 Nickels, 68 Pennies.

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