U.S. History

During World War II what group experienced changes most like those experienced by American Women?

a.) Native Americans
b.) African Americans
c.) Japanese Americans
d.) Mexican Americans

I gravitate towards C but I feel like all of these are slightly suitable options.

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asked by Hi
  1. I think you are correct. Im not a tutor though.

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    posted by clara
  2. NO. Not at all! What happened to Japanese Americans during WWII?


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    posted by Reed
  3. C is not correct.

    During the war, many women got jobs out of the home to replace the men who were in the military. Which other group were hired in large numbers?

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Read this:


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    posted by Reed
  5. White women were hired in large numbers but this is not one of the options. Based on the link you gave me it says Mexicans were pulled into the workforce.

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    posted by Hi
  6. Don’t listen to these dummies like I did, I told myself that it was African American but decided to change my answer to Mexican Americans just to be sure and it winded up being my first choice, African Americans, B.

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    posted by Ya mami

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