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U.S. History (Check)

1. What new cultural trends affected American society in the 1970s?

A: Revolutionary television sitcoms dealing with more difficult aspects of American life (women in independent roles, racism, poverty, abortion, etc.), transcendental meditation, disco, a new fashion (T-shirts that bore personalized messages, skateboards, mood rings), citizens band radios, and fitness affected American society in the 1970s.

2. How did television in the 1970s reflect the society at that time?

A: Television in the 1970s reflected the society at the time as it portrayed women in independent roles or took on formely taboo subjects such as racism, poverty, and abortion.

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  1. Good answers. I would ask HOW those trends affected society, though. You have named some, but were they just fads that faded away with no impact, or did they change anything?

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