If a baseball player has a batting average of 0.420, what is the probability that the player will get at least 2 hits
in the next four times at bat?

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  1. prob(hit) = .42
    prob(no hit ) = 1 - .42 = .58

    at least 2 hits out of 4 ---> exclude : no hits, 1 hit

    prob(no hits)
    = C(4,0)(.42)^0 (.58)^4
    = .113165
    = C(4,1)(.42)(.58)^3
    = .32779

    prob(at least 2 hits)
    = 1 - (.113165 + .32779)
    = appr .559


    you could do prob(2hits) + prob(3hits) + prob(4hits)
    I bet you will get .559

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