So now m posting the answers along witg the questions... Plz correct me if m wrong ! ^^
Tranformation of Sentences ?
1.He wont show me his papers,he wont tell me who he is (use neither -nor)
Ans.He neither would show me his papers nor he would tell me who he is.
2.This is all i posses.(Turn to negative)
Ans.There is nothing else that i possess.
3.No man in tge street came forward to help her.(Turn to Assertive)
Ans.Every man in the street stood where they were.

asked by Ri
  1. #1. Better would be

    He would neither show me his papers, nor tell me who he is.

    #2. I don't possess anything else.

    #3 is ok, but "every" is singular:

    Every man in the street stood where he was.

    posted by Steve
  2. Thank u Steve :)

    posted by Ri

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