5. Which of the following best summarizes why the Missouri Compromise needed to be replaced by the Compromise of 1850?

A.) Members of the Congress wanted to end the question of slavery in the U.S.
B.) The U.S. wanted to sell the territory gained after the Mexican-American War to build railroads, and the Missouri Compromise
C.) Congress decided that the people should be able to decide whether the territory gained in the Mexican-American War should be allowed to have slavery****
D.) The territory gained after the Mexican-American War are mainly below the Missouri border, and U.S. leaders believed slavery would be necessary to ensure settlement

7. How did western expansion affect Native American tribes?

A.) Railroad expansion allowed Native American hunters to sell bison meat and hides at higher rates than before.
B.) Railroad expansion brought U.S. settlers in contact with bison, drastically reducing the population of this food source
C.) Westward migration of U.S. settlers increased the number of farms, causing a supplementation of bison meat with grains****
D.) Westward migration of slave-owning settlers diminished the demand for bison as a beast of burden, causing the bison population to increase

5.) C
6.) C

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  1. 5.) C - yes
    6.) C - no

  2. Instead of C is number 7 A?

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  3. No.

    You have two choices left. You're on your own now.

  4. It's B. Settlers were allowed to shoot bison for fun sometimes on the train.

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