1.)Who increased communication throughout the United States by inventing the telegraph?

A.)Elijah McCoy

B.)Samuel Morse***

C.)Isaac Singer

D.)Eli Whitney

2.)Which of these 19th century inventions made the production of clothing more efficient?

A.)Cotton gin***

B.)Sewing machine

C.)Steam locomotive

D.)Mechanical reaper

The cotton gin and the sewing machine both contributed to the growth of which industry?

D.)Food processing

4.)Which answer best describes how the cotton gin changed cotton farming

A.)The cotton gin caused cotton prices to drop because it could be harvested so easily.
B.)The cotton gin added to the already high cost of producing cotton, and lowered demand.***
C.)The cotton gin made it easier to remove seeds from cotton, but destroyed the rest of the plant.
D.)The cotton gin made growing cotton very profitable and increased the demand for slave labor.

5.)What did Francis Cabot Lowell & Samuel Slater have in common?

A.)Their inventions allowed the U.S. economy to decrease dependence on slaves.
B.)Their inventions made Transatlantic communication more efficient.
C.)They imported technological advances from Great Britain.***
D.)They grew wealthy selling their technologies to European buyers.


Are my answer's correct?

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  1. 1.)B - yes
    2.)A - no
    3.)B - yes
    4.)B - no
    5.)C - yes

  2. Innovations unit 2 lesson 2
    1. D

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