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A scientist plans to find out the percent of teenagers who like science. She interviews 500 teenagers leaving a science museum and finds that 450 of them like science. The scientist concludes that 90 percent of teenagers like science. Why is the scientist's conclusion most likely unreliable?

adults were not interviewed
the investigation was time consuming***
the source of information was biased
very few teenagers were interviewed

Which of these is an example of an experiment?

plant growth is affected by temperature
leaves may change color due to temperature
add different quantities of water to three potted plants
the plant which gets the most sunlight grows the fastest

Idk this one

1. B

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  1. 1 B is incorrect. Why would random teens visit a science museum?

    2. Check your text or Google to find the meaning of "experiment."

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1. C
    2. C or D

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  3. 1. C - yes
    2. C or D - Only one of these describes an experiment.

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    Ms. Sue

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