Consumer math

Could someone please check my answers?

Credit APR
Excellent 4.75%
Good 5.00%
Average 5.85%
Fair 6.40%
Poor 7.50%
Credit APR
Excellent 5.50%
Good 5.90%
Average 6.75%
Fair 7.25%
Poor 8.40%

12. You are purchasing a car for $12,465.00 plus 5.65% sales tax. You make a $1,300.00 down payment and have a fair credit score. How much interest is due at the end of the first month? 63.30

13. If you improved your credit score to good and paid $1,500 on your purchase from question 12, how much interest could you save in the first month? 14.68

14. You have a credit card that has a balance of $3,489.90 and a credit limit of $5,000. How much is the balance over the acceptable debt ratio percentage? 69.7%

15. Using the credit card from question 14, if you have a good credit rating, how much must you pay at the end of the month to get the balance to the acceptable debt ratio percentage? 1,107.55

16. Say that you (or your parents) are purchasing a house for $235,000 and have an excellent credit score. If you pay $1,678.93 at the end of the first month, how much is applied to the principal balance? 748.72

17. Say that you (or your parents) are purchasing a used car for $19,850. The sales tax is 7.5%, the down payment is $1,000.00, and you have an average credit rating. If your first payment is $425.98, how much of the payment goes toward the principal? 326.83

18. Your parents are purchasing a mobile home for $89,000. The sales tax is 4.2%, they make a $3,000 down payment, and they have an excellent credit score. How much is the interest at the end of the second month if their first month’s payment is $925.67? 352.95

19. If your parents’ credit rating for question 18 had been average, how much is the principal balance at the end of the first month after applying the $925.67 payment? 249.80

20. How much more interest do your parents have to pay at the end of the first month because their rating is good rather than excellent? 103.15

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  1. Were these correct??

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  3. i got a 89% , but i had 25 questions so other then 5 questions, im good

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