Give the correct form of the appropriate verb, saber or conocer, which would be used in writing the fol- lowing sentences in Spanish.
12. _______ Maria knew everyone.
13. _______ Because he had already seen the movie, he knew what happened?
14. _______ The student knows the answer.
15. _______ He knows Bach’s music.
16. _______ Do you (tú) know who is singing?

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  1. 12._ Conocer (Maria CONOCIA a Todos)
    13._Saber (como el ya habia visto la pelicula, el SABIA que pasaba)
    14._Saber (el estudiante SABE la respuesta)
    15._Conoce (el CONOCE la musica de Bach
    16._Saber (¿SABES quien esta cantando?)

    this my answers is it correct? plz help

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  2. I'll send this to our Spanish expert. However, she's been ill, so I don't know if she will respond.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Thank you. sorry to hear, i pray that she will get well soon.

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  4. Ubfortunately, I have no access to a computer. I can read emails on my very old iPad, but I cannot answer.

    12. Correct with accent on the I.
    13. Also correct with accent on " e" in el, habit (on the I" "I" in pelicula, sabia and "e" in el and que.
    14. Ok
    15."e" in el.16. "e" in Quine and"a" in esta.


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  5. ps. I don,t see ALL the instructions, so how did you which tense to use. I,m glad I could at least post here!


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  6. Thank so much srajmcgin i hope you get well soon :) everything else i'll find out my self i want to to get well :-) thank you

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