is the sentence:

slough is very prominent in many households that are in the slums

gramatically correct?

how do i use slough in a sentence?

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asked by Kristin
  1. I doubt if muddy ground or a snake skin is prominent in any households.

    Please check these definitions, including a couple of examples about how they are used.


  2. i used the definition

    4. a condition of degradation, despair, or helplessness.

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    posted by Kristin
  3. Then your sentence is o.k. But it's not a common definition of slough.

  4. that is the definition we were given, how else would you write a sentence with slough

    also can you check over this sentence.
    martha, a perfectionist, started over because she got a FECK of sharpie on her project

    was feck used properly?

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    posted by Kristin
  5. sorry. fleck**

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    posted by Kristin
  6. Janie was in a slough after her dog died.

    Yes, you used "feck" correctly.

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