More of an ethic question. . .

A long time ago, about 3 years back, our mario kart DS cartridge got lost in our friends house. I just remembered about some days ago and talked to our friend, thinking the game was lost in the street. But then our friends says that he found it in the floor of his house and kept it for all those years. We don't know if we should ask it back after all those years or bring it back and finally finish the game. What should we do?

asked by Astral Tellurian
  1. I know this isn't a homework question, but it's starting to bug me. . .

    I hope I'm not breaking a jishka rule. I don't mean it.

    posted by Astral Tellurian
  2. You could ask for it back, but if he refuses, don't make a big deal of it. Apparently you were the one who left it at your friend's house.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. You can approach this question a number of different ways. One is to weigh the harm done by any possible action. Ideally, your friend should have returned the game to you when he found it. He did not. You did not openly make it a gift to him, so he might have assumed you left it behind by mistake. He's guilty of an ethics violation right there. BUT, if you ask for its return and he refuses, you must weigh your options. If you get mad and break off the friendship over it, will it harm you by losing the friendship? Is a game worth the price of making a big issue over it? Or you can decide that the friendship isn't worth keeping and break it off because he's an unethical person. Or you can decide that a mere game is just not worth the bother and shrug it off (but don't leave things at his house again!).

    posted by Reed
  4. Well, it was my brother. We left it there because we had to drop in to their house for a month or so (personal). We accidentially left it and thought we dropped it at street or something and considered it lost. A week back, my brother remembered leaving it at my friend's house and then everything was explained thoroughly.

    I'll do what you say. Maybe we can agree to share it or something. Thanks for your input! :)

    posted by Astral Tellurian
  5. Reed: He didn't return it because he didn't know whose it was (he has other friends come over too and has birthday parties and stuff). He would never break the friendship, we've been friends with him since he was 5 years of age! It's true that we didn't make it a gift to him, but I thought it would be less rude to just ask for it when he finishes the game so we can finish our file. Heck, maybe we can share it. One week him one week us! Thanks for your input as well!

    posted by Astral Tellurian
  6. I think you're handling it very well. Sharing it is a good idea if he doesn't want to return it to you. And if he is such a good, valued friend, maybe just let him keep it.

    posted by Reed

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