1. Find the length of a diagonal of a rectangle ABCD with vertices, A (-3,1), B(-1,3), C(3,-1) and D (1,-3).

A) 5.7
B) 6.3
C) 3.2
D) 4.5

Hello! I don't understand how to solve this question since the unit I just read barely went over this. If anyone could help that would be great. Thank you so much!

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  1. make a sketch !!!

    a diagonal would for example be from B to D
    change in x = 1 - -1 = 2
    change in y = -3 - +3 = -6
    sqrt (2^2+6^2) = sqrt 40
    = 2 sqrt 10

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  2. the answer is 6.3

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