judging from this architectural structure, which of the following is not one of its main roles of art?
A. creation of entertainment
B. aesthetic representation
C. financial incentive
D. historical/ cultural representation

what is the main role of this peace of art work?
A. object of created expression
B. creation of utilitarian product
C. historical/ cultural representation
D. creation of entertainment

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  1. I have no clue what art works are being seen or described here. I can't see the pictures. My mental telepathy is in the repair shop today.

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  2. for the second question it show a japenese lady holding a fan

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  3. Okay, let's think about the possible answers. Is it the creation of a utilitarian product like a toaster or a cell phone? Is it created out of someone's imagination, as if there never was a real Japanese lady holding a fan? Is it entertaining (funny or sad or thrilling) to see a Japanese lady holding a fan? Is a lady in traditional Japanese dress holding a fan reflective of traditional Japanese culture? Which is it?

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  4. I can tell you it is a lady in a Japanese dress holding a fan reflective of traditional Japanese culture! And for the first question it is a old historical building that has been broken sort of! So it would be D. For the first one!

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  5. 1.a

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  6. True is right

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  7. true is 100% correct ♡

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  8. Art 8 A Unit 2: What Is Art?
    Lesson 2: What Is Art to You?

    1. This particular artwork can be viewed by some to be appealing to the eye or beautiful. What characteristic of the work is being described?

    (Picture)The ruins of Rome’s Colosseum are shown at dusk.
    2. Judging from this architectural structure, which of the following is not one of its main roles of art?
    financial incentive

    (Picture)A Japanese woman stands beneath a cherry blossom branch with a fan in her hand. She is dressed in the traditional robe of a geisha.
    3. What is the main role of this piece of artwork?

    historical/cultural representation

    (Picture)A closeup view of a superhero shows a face of frustration.
    4. As you try to answer the following question about the artwork:

    What does the expression of this superhero mean?

    Which of the following steps of art critique are you conducting?


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  9. 2. is c
    3. is c

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