What is the secret to reaching someone with words? Which of the poems—"Concrete Mixers," "The City Is
So Big," or "Harlem Night Song"—best uses words to create a vision or an idea of the city for you? In a
paragraph, state your opinion and support it with words and phrases that the poet uses to reach you

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  1. There is no one right answer for this question. Which one best speaks TO YOU? Choose one and write a paragraph explaining why you chose it. In your paragraph, use quotations from the poem of your choice to explain. (It doesn't matter which poem you choose.)

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  2. I grew up in Chicago -- so my idea of a city is probably different from yours.

    What are your opinions?

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    Ms. Sue
  3. The City

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  4. “The City is So Big,” is the poem that best creates a vision or an idea of the city. This is because the poem depicts the regular city life that a person goes through. How the subject goes about riding a transportation to work with other big city people like he was; how busy the streets were during lunch filled with big long lines and music; and he suddenly found himself transforming into the culture of the city but still maintained his identity. This poem has shown a vision of how fast pace and how busy life in the city is. People get caught up with their daily routine that they gradually transform into moving machines ready to work and rest as their motto.

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  5. Okay, sure ;)

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  6. thx Mr F

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  7. A medical student is conducting a study to track boys’ weight from age 5 to age 18. The student graphs some data and determines the line of best fit is y = 1.73x + 80.13. What does the slope mean in this situation?

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  8. you copied that answer from brainly

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  9. Please do not copy answers from here (or other websites). All plagiarism is documented.

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  10. We see everything.

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  11. ok

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