1. A car travels 17 miles in 20 minutes. What is the rate in miles/min.

Do I just divide the two so the car is going 85 miles per minute? But is that the correct label or would it be mph?

2. Compare 9 ft. to 7 yards. Write the ratio as a fraction in lowest terms. Since they are asking for a ratio do I need to convert the yards to feet first before writing as a ratio and reducing?

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asked by Fugel
  1. 17mi/20min = 17/20 mi/min

    Why would you think hours have to be used? They asked for the rate in mi/min.

    In order to compare, you must have the same units. So, you must say either

    9ft/(7yd * 3ft/yd) = 9ft/21ft 9/21 = 3/7


    (9ft * 1yd/3ft)/7yd = 3yd/7yd = 3/7

    Once you get the same units, they cancel, just like other factors

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    posted by Steve
  2. You do not get 85 if you divide
    17 miles / 20 minutes

    You get 0.85 miles/minute

    mph is wrong here. Hours is not in the problem

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    posted by Damon
  3. 18 hrs to 1 day in ratio

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    posted by kekeli

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