1. In the western U.S., ranchers aggressively killed wolves because they posed a threat to their cattle. As the wolf population declined, the deer population began increasing. As a result, the surrounding forest ecosystems experienced increasing damage. The large number of deer ravaged vegetation and destroyed young trees. The entire ecosystem became degraded until wolves became protected when they were determined to be an endangered species. Based on this information, what can you infer about the role of the wolves in this ecosystem?

A. They are a pioneer species
B. They are a keystone species
C. They are a prey species
D. They are a competitive species

I think its either B or C

2.Which of the following statements correctly states how human activity and biodiversity affect on another?

A. As humans develop land for homes and industry, biodiversity increases.
B. As humans restrict fishing and oil drilling, biodiversity decreases.
C. As biodiversity decreases, human land development becomes restricted.
D. As biodiversity increases, humans receive increased benefits.

I think its C

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  1. 1. Keystone and prey species are much different. Check these definitions and make a decision.

    2. No.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Okay now I think
    1. is B
    2. is D

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  3. Yes. Both answers are right, now.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. GREAT I get it now...... Thanks, Ms. Sue

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  5. typo not on its one

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  6. hello can i get sentance

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  7. Where's that guy thats gonna give us the entire awnser key for the whole test?

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