Suppose there is a quiz in your mathematics class every week. The value of each quiz is 50 points. After the first 6 weeks, your average mark on these quizzes is 36.
a) What average mark must you receive on the next 4 quizzes so that your average is 40 on the first 10 quizzes? Use a rational equation to solve this problem.
b) There are 15 quizzes in your mathematics course. Show if it is possible to have an average of 90% on your quizzes at the end of the course if your average is 40 out of 50 on the first 10 quizzes.

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  1. let average in the remaining 4 tests be x

    so (6(36) + 4x)/10 = 40
    solve for x

    b) use a similar reasoning to answer this question

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