U.S. History

What did John Smith and Anne Hutchinson have in common?

Both were thought of as troublemakers.

Both were governors upon arrival in America.

Both were Puritans who lived in New England.

Both had disagreements with the Puritans***

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  1. No.



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    Ms. Sue
  2. Both were governors upon arrival in America

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  3. How on earth did you get that answer from the two sites I posted for you???

    You're on your own now. Do not post this question again.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Ok. Thanks for the help anyways.

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  5. dang rejected

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  6. you need to stop being mean

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  7. You need to stop being mean Ms.Sue

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  8. Both were Puritans who lived in England?

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  9. Ms. sue nobody is trying to read about it

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