Social Studies (Check, Please!)

What methods did Hitler use to try to exterminate Europe's Jewish population?

A: Hitler used multiple methods to try to exterminate Europe's Jewish population. One method consisted of rounding up Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs from conquered areas, shooting them, and piling them into mass graves. Another method requires forcing Jews and other "undesirables" into trucks and piping in exhaust fumes to kill them. As the "final solution of the Jewish question," Hitler used a method of rounding up Jews from the vast areas of Nazi-controlled Europe and taking them to detention centers known as concentration camps. There, healthy individuals would work as slave laborers until they dropped dead of exhaustion, disease, or malnutrition. Most others, including the elderly, the infirm, and young children, would be sent to extermination camps, attached to many of the concentrations camps, to be executed in massive gas chambers.

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