I have to read the book 'Nethergrave' by Gloria Skurzynski, but the online book doesn't seem to want to open on either of my computers so I assume the site is down. Does anyone know where I could find the book somewhere else online, I've been searching google for awhile now and I haven't found anything.

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  1. The book is under copyright. It's probably no available for free. You may find a copy at your local library. You may also be able to purchase it in e-book format, or get a hard copy from a bookstore or an on-line bookseller.

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  2. Your on-line "school" should be able to direct you to a source for the book, since you are assigned to read it.

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  3. The school did, its in our English book but it isn't opening the book, it just goes to a plain white screen so I think the site is just down since its still winter break. Thank you though, I'll try to go to the library to get it :)

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  4. I know im late. But if the online book is showing up as white. Make sure to have your flash on. Most of the time thats the problem

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