Molly drove a total of 390 miles to get to her destination in the mountains. She stopped twice, getting 14 gallons of gas and snacks, spending $34 at the first stop and $28 at the second stop. In the mountains, she drove 164 miles visiting scenic places. Before she returned home, she spent $56 on souvenirs for her friends. Going home, she decided to take the back roads, making the drive home 70 miles longer than the drive there. How many miles was the drive home?

In order to solve this problem, which statement is needed?

164 miles visiting scenic places
spending $56 on souvenirs
drive home is 70 miles more
spending $34 and $28 for gas and snacks

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  1. she drove home 390+70
    You need to know the 70
    the 164 was part of her vacation there.

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  2. idk p,z help meh

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