Assume that you recently recived a job with a company that manufactures an automobile antitheft device . To conduct an advertising campaign for the product, you need to make a claim about the number of automobile tefts per year. Since the population of various cities varies, you decide to use rates per 10,000 people. (The rates are based on the number of people living in the cities.) Your boss said that last year the teft rate per 10,000 people was 44 vehicles. You want to see if it has changed. The following are rates per 10,000 people for 36 randomly selected locations in the United States.
A. What hypothesis would you use?
B. Is the sample considered small or large?
C. What assumption must be met before the hypothesis test can be conducted ?
D. Which probability distribution would you use?
E. Would you select a one-or two-tailed test? why?
F. Conduct a hypothesis test. Use Standard deviation =30.3
G. If you lived in a city whose population was about 50,000, how many automobile thefts per year would you expect to occur?

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  1. I have no idea what you would do at mekele university. The rest of the world might call this class or School Subject statistics, but I'm sure your university is unique in all the world so nobody else can help you. If you have a question about statistics, you might put that in the School Subject box so someone who is expert in that School Subject might see your post.

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  2. what hypotheses would
    you use?

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