History [check?]

To consolidate his power in Italy, Benito Mussolini did all of the following except __________.

a.He extolled the glories of ancient Rome. <--
b.He used militarism to rally his supporters.
c.He gave the trade unions greater power.

Which of the following did not contribute to the spread of the Great Depression in Europe?

a.U.S. banks made fewer loans to Europeans.
b.Factories switched from war to consumer production.
c.Europeans invested heavily in rebuilding roads <---

What was Stalin's main reason for setting up collective farms?

a.He wanted to free peasants to work in the factories. <---
b.He wanted to feed the starving population.
c.He wanted to provide employment to the unemployed peasants.

Japanese militarists took advantage of the widespread discontent caused by the economic crisis of the 1930s to seize control of power. Which of the following contributed little or nothing to Japan's economic crisis?

a.foreign intervention
b.Great Depression <-- or a.
c.scarcity of farmland

What form of government controls almost every aspect of people's lives, including political, economic, cultural, religious, and social activities?
a.totalitarian government
c.democratic government <--

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  1. Right except the one where you said <---- or a I don't know about that

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  2. Thanks, I'm thinking about a.foreign intervention.

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  3. no problem I think that is right too but I don't know

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  4. could you check this for me?

    After World War I, what did musicians and artists do?

    a.Most creative people concentrated on very cheerful subjects to lift people's spirits.
    b.Most musicians and artists created very passionate and violent works.
    c.Many musicians and artists created innovative forms of art as they struggled to show a deeper reality. <-- c?

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  5. Sure and yes C is right

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  6. thanks ! lol.

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  7. :) No problem


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