English writing

Q you have recently returned to live in your home country after being up abroad for the last three years. You find that many things have changed.
Now that you are home, writes a letter to a friend.
In your letter you should:
This drive how you are feeling now that you are back in your home country.
Tell your friend about two or three things that have changed.
Say what you plan to do now you are home

Dear Cathe,
Hi, how is everything doing? I'm sorry I haven't written for a long time, but I was busy preparing my luggage for the arrival.
Anyways, I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know something about life over here.
How is it awesome to get back the feeling of warmth again! It's so comfortable to see all familiar faces. I wish you'd been here with me, the weather is the best!
Imagine what! in this period of three years, a school had been built nearby my home, the placid area became very crowded at morning and afternoon. But a good thing is, there are now more trees around planted by the students and people in the area, the view is fabulous from high floors!
At the moment, I'm planning to join a swim training, but that would be delayed a little as I'm visiting my relatives meanwhile and go out with my friends at evening. I forgot to tell you, I also planned to join a charity together with Julie.
Well, now you know all about it, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
With love,

I would like to see the cirrections and the possible grade i may receive.
Thank you.

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  1. It's a nice, informal, friendly letter. and you have followed the assignment.

    There is no such word as "anyways". It is "anyway". You do not need the word "How" in the next sentence. It should not begin the sentence. "It is awesome..." is a good beginning for the sentence. After "Imagine what! you must capitalize the beginning of the next sentence. "In this period..." "...nearby my home, the placid area..." can be two sentences, or you need to replace the comma with a semi-colon. And you use one verb tense in "had been built" so you need to use the same tense in the following: instead of "became very crowded", it should be "has become very crowded". You need a comma "...trees around, planted by...", then a semi-colon after "area" and before "the view", or make "The view..." a separate sentence.

    If you make these corrections, I think you'll get a good grade. :)

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  2. Dear(blank), Im finally home now, or what is suppose to be my home. Everything has changed, it's so different, the small cafe on the corner of Robinson and Mcway is gone(it's just and IKEA now). I walked into my room today and it just felt different, like a strange feeling when you know its you're but it doesn't. Starting to think I've been gone to long but i met up with Jack and were going to the park later to go skating again. Wow have I missed those times, he's really grown up from being a 4'8 tall boy to a 5'9 tall man. Now that I'm back I'll probably go looking for a job since I finished Uni. Wonder how your doing, more then likely well I presume. At last I'm home ready for new adventures that await me. Love you're friend (blank)

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